Kennington Primary School is Committed to the Child Safe Standards

In 2021 we have:

  • 4 x Prep
  • 4 x Grade 1
  • 4 x Grade 2
  • 5 x Grade 3
  • 4 x Grade 4 
  • 4 x Grade 5
  • 4 x Grade 6

Currently the school enrolment is 654.  In Prep to Grade 2 we average 21 students per class.  Across our school we have an average of 22.5 students per class.

What are the school start and finish times and what is the structure of the day?

Bag Bell8:35am (Students enter classrooms and get ready for their learning)
Session One8:45am
Session Two9:45am
Session Three11:30am
Session Four12:30pm
Eating time1:30pm
Session Five2:15pm
End of Day3:15pm

Yes.  All classroom teachers appreciate parent volunteers within their classroom with prior organisation.  All visitors who volunteer within the school are required to have a valid Working with Children Check (this includes parents.)

Yes.  Kennington has ample play spaces for children during their breaks.  There are four playgrounds, each allocated to specific grade levels (Prep, Grade 1 &2, Grade 3 & 4, Grade 5 & 6.)

As a school we expect that every child reads at home every night.  Some grade levels may ask students to complete learning at home if necessary from time to time. 

For students to access the Bendigo Deaf Facility they must first meet a certain criteria.  This criteria can be discussed by contacting the school.

Each year level at Kennington Primary School has a booklist.  Parents pay for the contents of the booklists as essential items and the school orders it in for all students. 

Kennington Primary School offers Out of School Hours Care (Before and After School Care).  Our OSHC provider is Camp Australia, details of their program can be found at

Our uniform supplier is LOWES at the Bendigo Marketplace.  Uniform can be purchased online or in store. 

8:35am – Students enter classrooms

8:45am – Session 1

10:45am – Eating Time (In Classrooms)

11:00am – Recess Playtime

11:30am – Session 2

1:30pm – Eating Time (In Classrooms)

1:45pm – Lunch Playtime

2:15pm – Session 3

3:15pm – End of the day