Kennington Primary School is Committed to the Child Safe Standards

Bendigo Deaf Facility

Kennington Primary School is the base school for the Bendigo Deaf Facility. The Bendigo Deaf Facility works in collaboration with students, families and services to encourage Deaf and Hard of Hearing students to reach their full educational and personal potential.

Deaf Education in Bendigo formally began in 1951 with Deaf students attending McDonald House School for Deaf Children. By the end of 1989 McDonald House had officially closed and students integrated into mainstream schools; these being Kennington Primary School, Golden Square Secondary College (now Bendigo South East College) and Bendigo Senior Secondary College.

The Bendigo Deaf Facility continues to support Deaf and Hard of Hearing students within mainstream schools from Foundation to Year 12. After students complete Grade 6 at Kennington Primary School, they continue their schooling at Bendigo South East Secondary College and complete Years 11 and 12 at Bendigo Senior Secondary College.

Foundation—Grade 6, Kennington Primary School (Base School)

  • Years 7—10, Bendigo South East College
  • Years 11—12 Bendigo Senior Secondary College

Teachers of the Deaf (T.O.D.) are based at each school to support the needs of Deaf or Hard of Hearing students as needed. Teachers of the Deaf, Classroom Teachers, Parents  and Carers work together to develop an Independent Education Plan for each student. They work to establish student goals, based on areas of need, and strategies to achieve these. These goals reflect the whole student, encouraging them to reach their full educational and personal potential.

All students at Kennington Primary School from Grade Prep to Grade 6 have the opportunity to learn Australian Sign Language, (Auslan). In addition to learning the language, students discover the similarities and differences between English and Auslan and learn about the community and culture shared by Deaf people. Auslan is also taught as a Language Other Than English (L.O.T.E) subject at Bendigo Senior Secondary College.