Performing Arts

Performing Arts


Teacher: Wendy Collishaw 


  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Keeping the Beat
  • Action Songs
  • Silly Songs
  • Pitch (high / Low)
  • Dynamics (Loud/Soft)
  • Tempo (Fast/Slow
  • Animal Songs
  • Developing a clear singing voice
  • Music of Different Times, Cultures and Purposes including Christmas Repertoire


 Grade One

  • Beat and Pulse
  • Rhythms that include quavers and the Zah rest
  • Singing skills
  • Pitch patterns including high /low/ jumping/sliding/stepping
  • Learning to play a melody on the C scale
  • Song Structure
  • Tone Color
  • Songs from different times and cultures
  • Dancing styles performed in Scotland (Highland), USA (HipHop) and Australia (Bush dancing)
  • Music for different purposes ie Birthday and Christmas.


Grade 2

  • Beat and Pulse
  • Composing a rhythm Chart
  • Duration (Long /Short sounds)
  • Rhythm Revision – Long Sounds
  • Composition of a new Ostinato (Musical Pattern) and Sound Story
  • Musical styles
  • Singing - animal songs by Mr Don Spencer
  • Composition --Write a new song and perform it on instruments
  • Song structure and form,
  • Music from Africa, Denmark and Nth America,
  • Christmas repertoire.



Grade 3

  • Recorder – Proper techniques and the notes B A G
  • Recorder - repertoire – Blues, Tango, Nursery rhymes and Pop songs
  • iPad apps focusing on note naming and rhythm recognition
  • Notation – Music reading
  • Self organisation  - Bringing the right equipment to class each week
  • Recorder – Playing the notes C & D, then F E and low D
  • Christmas repertoire.



Grade 4

  • Indonesian instrument the Angklung – performing Star Wars theme song
  • Introducing the Ukulele– chords C F & G
  • Song “You are sunshine”
  • Song Lyric Composition  & Creating a class DVD of song performances
  • Song: The Elements of Music (Twinkle Twinkle)
  • Accompanying someone else who is singing.
  • Music notation: the lines and gaps on the stave
  • New chords on the ukulele – Dm, Em, G7 & Am
  • SONGS:: The Meatball Song, Count on me
  • Singing with good pronunciation and breathing
  • SONGS: “I am yours” and “Jingle bells”



Grade 4-6 Choir – 9.45am Thursday

A fun group of students who meet once a week and learn to sing well.

  • Basic Choir Skills
  • Anzac Day song preparation
  • Rounds and fun songs
  • Songs from Musicals, folk songs and current pop songs.
  • Bendigo Eisteddford Primary Schools Choir Competition
  • Bendigo Interschool Choral Fun Day
  • National Book Day Song
  • Christmas Repertoire for Carols in the Mall
  • Recording of the Annual KPS Choir CD



Grade 5 & 6 Annual Production -Term 2 & 3

An opportunity for all students in Grades 5 & 6 to learn to act, sing and dance and perform in one of Bendigo’s premier venue

  • Auditions
  • Vocal Training in Song repertoire
  • Drama training
  • Set construction
  • Props and Costume creation
  • Performance at the Capital Theatre at the end of Term 3 (September)




And finally our...



Instrumental Music Program

The opportunity for Grade 3 -6  students to take private lessons, to learn a musical instrument during school hours, from highly talented teachers.